A new decade begins…

… and I’m getting closer and closer to 40.
That used to be a frightening number for me. Almost grandma age. But you also have to know that my grandmothers became grandmothers very early. Today that is usually still a long way off.

I think the thing I was most afraid of was the 30th
Even though it was relatively early in my life when it was said “40 is the new 30”, it was still a limit for me that was so maintained in my family.

Get married as early as possible, always be in one profession, have children, house, so the whole “bourgeois program”.

I never wanted to be a bourgeois and I still am not today.
I live in my 2-room apartment with my cats, I am not (yet) married (no, not even engaged!), I am in a long-distance relationship with one of the most wonderful people I know and I am incredibly happy that I am finally able to say goodbye so slowly to all the stupid things I was taught as a child and teenager.

I could never do anything with an 08-15 job because my depressions caused me to become severely disabled. I worked here and there from time to time, but never anything that lasted. Not because I was too lazy, but because every time my stress potential was reached so quickly or I became seriously ill.

This has brought me closer to independence than I could ever have imagined. This may not be immediately obvious to others, but I don’t know the thought of “finally weekend” and “finally holiday” anymore. And I feel better every day.

I must learn to keep time again. Not just living in the day and doing projects, but sticking to a plan, but I am so full of energy.

No matter if it is about housework or my projects and I owe it all to my change of diet.

And honestly? I don’t care if people call me names because it’s my religion. No, I don’t believe in religion and I don’t think Keto is a cure-all but it helped ME. So why can’t it help others?

As I keep emphasizing, everybody has to find that out for themselves, but for me this has become my key to a better life and I am grateful that I finally took the step!

So what do I take with me into the new decade?

My recovered energy that I have missed for decades, love that I have rediscovered and friendships that are incredibly valuable to me.

For example this sweet present I got from my neighbour, because I always accept his packages when he is not there!

Dedication, honesty and kindness are incredibly important to me. Not to the extent that I have to dislocate myself, but simply from the heart.

And I think that’s what humanity needs more of.

Behind all the facades, behind the glossy lights. 20 years ago, just like today.

The social media are not the evil, we expose ourselves in the social media and show what we are made of and sometimes these are real abysses.

I want to help others with my site and my Youtube. MotoKeto should continue to grow next year and hopefully appeal to many who have always been looking for help.

I know that I will also meet people who will not like it, for whatever reason, but it doesn’t bother me.

I won’t let that stop me. For too long I’ve been thinking “But what will XY think?”.

And I would like to prepare myself to emigrate one day eventually. If all goes well, in a few years I will live exactly where I always wanted to go: to the sea.

I wish everyone a happy new decade. I hope that if you are looking for help, you will find help and meet people who are willing to understand you.

I wish for more time and understanding for everyone and that envy does not determine our actions, but love for the things that are most important to us.

Much love, your Nara

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