Today is Monday and therefore my shopping day.

So far it has worked out quite well for me to go shopping once a week and then buy everything for the week. Not only because I don’t like to go out alone.

I will try again today with bread baking. I read on a website that someone who has Hashimoto and a gluten intolerance can handle Urkorn incredibly well. This will end up in my shopping cart today!

Apart from that, I’m still thinking about how I can eat protein without protein shakes, but I honestly can’t think of anything. That’s not the ideal solution either, but I’m a bit puzzled about what else to eat, unless I eat more meat, but meadow meat is so expensive… I have now ordered beef bones and 1kg minced meat (beef) for 30€ including delivery costs. In the USA a “normal” price, but here the multiple of what you get for supermarket meat. There I realize myself how little we actually pay for meat.

And there it should be no wonder how inferior our quality is.

Of course it would be a problem if everyone switched to meadow meat overnight, but just be aware that 1kg of minced meat (half/half) costs around 6.50€ at the REAL and meat from a cow fed only on grass and hay costs 18.50€!
And so people are surprised that farmers can hardly live on their yield? Or that we suffer from so many “diseases of civilisation”?

It makes me even more angry that I, as an unemployed person, should not even think about the more expensive version. This should not be an alternative for me, because I can only invest a fraction of the money I am entitled to in food.

But if I can eat dairy products again after the two weeks of detoxification, I won’t have to buy twice as much meat to get my protein levels.

I should probably do a post where I explain all this in more detail, but there is so much information that I can’t write it all down on the first day.
I’ll just add cross-links later, that should explain a few things.

So, but for now I’m putting together my shopping list.

See you later maybe!

Love you lots,

your Nara

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