Cold? Flu?

Unlike the last two years, this time it finally got me.

I blame it on the stress I put on my body.

First the 3 weeks in the USA with weather of 5 – 40°C during the day, then the exhausting trip back, the beginning of my keto journey and then the realization that I have an iron deficiency and I have a new anemia because of it. Yay…

Now I just feel tired all day, tense, hypersensitive and a slight pain in my throat. I sneeze every now and then and actually just want to crawl into bed!
But no. I have a mission and what I can do, I do.

Except now. Now I’m just out of breath and too tired. Now the only option is the bed.

It’s not quite how I imagined it, but who would have thought I’d come back from the US with an iron shortage! I mean, my mirror has always been low, but I honestly didn’t expect that.

Nevertheless, I have already made a start here. Of course, it is not yet in any shape where I could publish it somewhere, but I definitely want to record my steps. Both those of my Keto journey, as well as the homepage and all the others.

That’s the whole point! I don’t want anything perfect, finished, beautiful eyewash like all the instagram models show us over and over again.
This is a process of becoming, just like my journey is a process.

At the latest when I have my A6400, I can start blogging with YouTube and then promote the homepage. This should be possible until the end of the month 😀

Well, now let’s go to bed and then sleep as long as possible!

All my love,

your Nara

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