milch eier und kaese

November mood

It’s just useless outside.

Not even really cold, but the air is humid and chilly and it is no fun to go shopping. Which I don’t like doing anyway.

This is the fourth week after I started Keto and I feel good!
I have lost 13.5kg so far without doing great exercise. (I would have to move much more, especially walking!)
There are many different reports from people who have lost a lot more weight and again from others who have lost less weight. The former generally from people who don’t have an autoimmune disease, the latter more from people who suffer from Hashimoto.
I’m quite happy to be in the middle of it all, i.e. to have lost a relatively large amount of weight so far and to be able to lose weight well at all.

In general, it is much more important to see how the body dimensions change anyway and since I have a fatty liver, my body will also break down the fat there first.
Next week I will definitely go for a blood test and then I will have everything checked. A roundabout punch! Let’s see what I’m missing, what has changed and what I could improve or maybe even have improved.

As far as shopping is concerned, I have added cheese to my menu again and also milk.
Milk is one of those things. For several reasons milk is not really wanted on Keto, but I just can’t live without it at the moment. But I took the lesser of two evils and switched to hay-fed milk from the goat. It tastes really good and it really surprised me how much I missed milk!
Thank God I could not find any food intolerance and I am so extremely grateful for it. The food was quite boring without it.

Of course I have to pay more attention to the calories, but honestly? I’m up to my ears in cabbage. I just can’t look at cabbage anymore. Soon the asparagus season will start again and I hope for lots of green asparagus, which I find much tastier than the white one.
But apart from that, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and all the other cabbages can be stolen from me at the moment. So I’d rather eat a delicious salad with my bunny rabbit and get the missing nutrients through food supplements. If you have the luxury, you can also treat yourself to that! Ideally, more cabbage, but… but I’d rather not do that for a few weeks.

At the moment I’m also experimenting a lot with baking.

I baked a cheesecake last week, but it didn’t work out very well and now I have a new recipe, which I will try out tomorrow.
I have also baked bread a few times, but haven’t found the most ideal solution yet. My last try was with flaxseed flour mixed with almond flour and the flaxseed flour was not the best taste.

Otherwise I hope that I can get my favourite camera cheaply at Black Friday next week, so I can start taking good photos and publish some videos on Youtube.
I mean, professionally I can’t wind it up yet anyway, I don’t have the money to do so, but if I don’t start at all, then I will probably never start.

When I go through all the videos on YouTube that all deal with recipes, I sometimes get jealous about the offer in the USA. Here in Germany, a lot of things are simply designed for mass production and far too few people deal with “healthy” nutrition.
Even in the organic market not everything is good. Even there you have to pay attention to the origin and the preparation.

Milk for example… but well, this is a topic in itself.

I will continue to work on this site and will keep in touch with you sporadically until the pages are filled up!

Lots of love,

your Nara

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