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Welcome to my Blog about Hashimoto, Keto & Lifestyle

All beginnings are hard (especially keto)!

Why a blog about Hashimoto and Keto?

I have to admit, in the energy rush of the first days on Keto I organized all this, but I feel good with it. This is my project, my little baby. Since I don’t have children myself, I like to have projects as children!

I am not really a diarist, so this is not going to be a diary. So, how I feel about it every day now, but if something new happens or I notice something new or something is happening in the project, then I will of course inform you first!

I created this blog because there is information about both topics, but for me relatively impersonal information. Or “glossy” information. Hardly anything that comes from life. Which the reader, you, can hopefully identify with.
Nothing against glossy, but my life doesn’t look like that, at least not at the moment.

I have a cute (i.e. small) 2 room apartment in a good part of town in Nuremberg and two cats and I’m pretty much trying to keep everything in order here. I’m currently unemployed, because I’ve been assessed as unable to work due to my recurring depressions. Which is not a lie.
Stress usually causes the beginning of a depression for me and as we all know, work is mostly connected with stress.

Since then I’m still trying to do something meaningful with my time, and after I recovered from my last, very severe depression, this is now my project. And I hope that I can help others, i.e. you, as well.

But now let’s get to work and fill the pages with life!

All my love,


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