ist hashimoto unheilbar?

Is Hashimoto incurable?

Belief and misinformation about Hashimoto

Devil’s cycle Hashimoto, no cure in sight ?

As we have known for a long time, doctors are not looking to treat our bodies holistically. They treat symptoms, diseases, but do not necessarily try to find alternatives in treatment. And I am not talking about globules.

Maybe the better question would be “What causes the inflammation, the autoimmune response in my body?

A low vitamin D level can lead to the misregulation of immune reactions and thus contribute to autoimmune diseases. A deficiency is associated with digestive diseases, bone structure disorders such as osteoporosis, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s, chronic infections, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and premature ageing. Studies show that vitamin E can suppress autoantibody production through the mechanism independent of antioxidant activity.

here there are various foods that either block the thyroid gland or even destroy healthy tissue.

So isn’t our autoimmune disease more than a warning? A misguided one, yes, but still a warning that something is wrong?

There are no studies on whether keto, paleo or other food changes stop the progress of Hashimoto (i.e. the destruction of the thyroid gland), but the experiences of people who have switched to it speak for themselves.
They feel better, they have much less frequent recurrence of symptoms, blood values generally improve and many manage not only to lose weight very well with these food changes, but also to improve their lives. Inflammation disappears, movement is possible again and lethargy disappears.

Beautiful lie

Many doctors and health gurus insist on a high-carbohydrate diet, claims like “Without glucose our brain can’t function at all and you need at least 140g of sugar per day” come up, but all those who have switched to Keto and eat 50g or less are working brilliantly. So why is this still being told?

What is forgotten here, however, are the quantities we eat every day. Almost everything is available to us all year round. We can eat as one-sided or as varied as we want. Most of the food is full of carbohydrates and we are constantly being finger-wagged, we eat too much meat.

It’s not so wrong, but we eat too much of the wrong thing.

We eat too many products that are produced as cheaply as possible, such as chicken. Even organic poultry contains too much Omega 6 and Omega 6 increases the negative LDL cholesterol level. If you would like to read more about this, you can either Google yourself or here read on.

And too much sugar is also unhealthy. But we find sugar in honey or fruits and also in vegetables! And it’s not about the calorie count. Even if you eat a ketogenic diet, you can consume a lot of calories, but we need at most 10% of our daily calorie intake per day. So if you eat 2000 calories per day, that’s 50g sugar/carbohydrates (1g sugar = 4 calories)! Since 2014, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends even only 5% sugar of the daily calorie intake.

One must still differentiate between short-chain and long-chain carbohydrates. The WHO itself has given information about short-chain sugar, i.e. sugar that occurs mainly as glucose and fructose in sweets, fruit and light bread. The difference to long-chain sugar is that short-chain sugar only causes a very short sugar rush, because it is transferred faster into the blood. The blood sugar level shoots up and as fast as the energy boost has come, as fast it is over again and mostly only ravenous appetite remains.

So how do you escape from this spiral?

With a lot of patience, a change of diet and a good doctor who is not only familiar with Hashimoto, but possibly also with alternative methods like the administration of natural thyroid hormones or even an alternative doctor like chiropractors, alternative practitioners, osteopaths etc.
Of course, all this is also connected with money and a really cheap alternative is not known to me yet. I myself am someone who doesn’t have much money, but I try my best, even if I pay extreme attention to what I buy! And one should not expect miracles. Only the liver can regenerate completely, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go into remission!

How you change your diet depends on what kind of guy you are. I discovered Keto for myself after I had some experience with dietary changes.
If you are vegan and don’t choose “raw veganism”, then this may well be a way. Paleo, for example, would also be another method. So if someone can’t or doesn’t want to do without fruit, that’s where to go.
Less strict is Low Carb, which means “few carbohydrates” and the strictest, but maybe also the easiest, is Carnivore, or even “carnivore”.
But if you don’t know about nutrition and can’t afford a coach, you can find your own way with enough help from the internet!

I will try to help you with the help of this website to make your entry into ketogenic nutrition as good as possible.
Just give me a little time until everything is set up here!

If you have questions of course, you can also contact me anytime via my email address!

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